Education and Access

The Women's campaign believes that education is a public good and should be free for everyone to access. We also believe that the fight for a liberated curriculum is integral to the fight for free education. We aim to campaign to dismantle the many different barriers to education that women face, be it financial orientated difficulties or lack of support with caring responsibilities, and to defend and promote the right to further and higher education for all women.

Student Carers

In late 2013, we launched the first ever national piece of research into the experiences of student carers. The report, ‘Learning with Care’, exposed a lack of support for student carers and the detrimental effect this has on their ability to access and succeed in education. Since then, we’ve worked very closely with Carers Trust to campaign for more support for young adults in further and higher education. We have been proud to work with Carers Trust to co-create guidance for universities and colleges. So if you would like to find out more about how to better support student carers at your institution download our recently uploaded guidance for universities and for colleges.


We believe that it’s impossible to fight for a society where women are seen as equals when our efforts are constantly marginalised or completely written out of history all together because of the systematic sexism in education. That is why we’ve worked with HerStory UK to create a campaign to empower student activists to create transformative education spaces on campus to liberate their curricula. You can find out more about the NUS HerStory Campaign here and the #LiberateMyDegree campaign here.