Black Representation

From parliament to democratic structures within students’ unions, Black people are still underrepresented across society.

We call for the creation of a Black Students’ Officer and association in every students' union to help address the barriers and create the safe spaces necessary for increased engagement.

The NUS Black Students' campaign supports all Black students running in students' union elections, and works closely with academics, and various organisations calling for equal and fair representation.

A Black Students' Officer in Every Union

The link between this under-representation and the disadvantage Black students face in education and beyond cannot be under-estimated.

The reality is that endemic prejudice and inequality result in Black students facing discrimination at every stage of education: from college and university admissions through to their final exams.

Better and more representation is key to addressing these problems. 

This briefing offers case studies, information to help you win the arguments, answers to common questions such as 'Why isn't there a white students' campaign?', a model motion and lots of useful ideas. 

Black Women's Forum UK 

 The forum was founded by Malia Bouattia and Beverly Mettle in 2012  during Women’s History Month and has since hosted yearly national events.

 It hosted the first Black Women’s Conference that brought together activists, artists and members of the community of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean descent to discuss past and present Black women’s  liberation efforts and the importance of intersectionality.

 The forum seeks to create a space to share, empower and engage with  Black women.



Black History: More Than Just a Month

Since 1987 October in the UK  marks Black History Month and whilst it's a time for us to recognise and celebrate the immense contributions that people of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage make to humanity, we believe this shouldn't just be limited to the month of October. 

In an ideal world, the month would not be necessary, because society, educational establishments and the national curriculum would fully recognise and appreciate the contribution of Black people throughout history. Sadly that is not the case. October serves as a period of renewal for Black communities to connect with their people, cultures and recognise how much has been achieved so that we are inspired to continue creating such spaces and discussions.

Black History: More than just a month

Black Women of History



To mark “More Than Just A Month”, NUS spoke to a number of leading Black figures from a cross-section of society including Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy, entrepreneur Dupsy Abiola, hip-hop star Akala, Black Panther photographer Neil Kenlock and academic Robbie Shilliam, watch the video above. You can also see photos from the launch event in 2014 below.

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Operation Black Vote is an organisation dedicated to enabling the political participation of African British and Asian British communities. OBV  began in July 1996 at the House of Commons, as a collaboration between two organisations: Charter88 which campaigns for democratic reform; and the 1990 Trust a national generic policy research and networking organisation.