Disabled Students and Representation

The representation of disabled students is the key to real change.

Far too often, disabled people are cut out of decision-making processes because they are inaccessible or irrelevant.  It’s also vital that decisions about disabled people are led by disabled people.

The NUS Disabled Students’ campaign believes that the representation of disabled people at a local level is the heart of our movement.  We promote autonomous, self-defining leadership.

The work we are doing on representation this year includes several projects:

  • Working with student unions’ to support them in developing democratic structures for the representation of liberation groups
  • Creating a development / coaching programme for disabled students interested in taking on a position of leadership
  • Adapting and delivering some of our training programmes so they are accessible for students with learning difficulties 

Empowering disabled students is what the NUS Disabled Students’ campaign thrives on – and we’re proud to make this a key element of our work this year.