Anti-Racism and Anti-Fascism

Racism is on the rise across all sections of society: in sport and the media, in politics and in our communities. There is a significant rise in Islamophobia and racism as Black people are scapegoated through propaganda.

The NUS Black Students' campaign challenges all forms of racism, actively stands alongside Black communities when the far-right march through their towns, and supports the families of Black people killed in state custody as they fight for justice and accountability of the Police.


 No Place for Hate - Hate crimes and incidents in further and higher  education: race and ethnicity

 Going to college or university can offer a truly lifechanging experience for  all. Such aspirations can be destroyed however, when students are  targeted by antisocial behaviour or crime because of their ethnicity.

 Our report contains shocking findings. Of all hate incidents reported, those  believed to be racially motivated were the most frequently selected by  respondents.

The ten recommendations within this report are designed to offer practical approaches to prevent hate incidents and crimes that are destroying the aspirations of many Black students.

 NUS evidence to Inquiry on Race and Higher Education

 NUS has conducted several pieces of research with Black students, which  together demonstrate the ways in which Black students’ experiences differ  from those of their white peers.

 NUS believes that many of the racial and ethnic disparities in the  experiences of students that the research demonstrates can be  understood as related to student engagement in the learning community,  and that a partnership approach is most likely to be successful in solving  these problems. 

This briefing goes into more detail about our vision for what partnership with black students should mean in education. 

Black International Students: Understanding the issues

Black students and international students have traditionally been treated by institutions (and often students’ unions) as two distinct groups, but, in fact, there are large numbers of Black international students in the sector. 

An inclusive approach to supporting these students requires an understanding of the way that being both Black and international can create unique experiences and needs. This briefing explores some of these issues and gives you practical advice on how to support your Black international students.


Police Monitoring Workshop 

Police monitoring projects generally focus on use of police powers at protest demonstrations, and on the use of stop and search powers against members of the public.

Their role involves ensuring that the people do not mis-use or abuse their powers, or use them in a discriminatory or disproportionate manner. 

This presentation put together by the Black Students' Campaign explains what police monitoring is and how you can get involved at a local level.


This is an article by Izzy Lenga to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2017, Izzy is a final year Theology and Religion student at the University of Birmingham. She currently is sitting on the NUS NEC as a member of the Block of 15 for a second term. Last year, whilst Education Officer at the Guild of Students, she was the NUS ARAF co-convenor and this year she sits on the ARAF committee as the Jewish representative.




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