Activist Development

The Women's campaign aims to build a grassroots intersectional student feminist movement by equipping women students with the tools and knowledge to dismantle the patriarchy on campus and in wider society. Much of the Women's campaign work relies on our network of activists on the ground, so we want to make sure that we develop accessible training programmes, activist spaces and resources to strengthen the movement.

Projects and Events

  • #WomCamOnTour -

Once a term, the women's campaign committee will visit campuses across the UK on our Women's campaign tour. Each term, Women's groups and feminist societies get to apply to host the women's committee and six campuses will be chosen. On these visits we aim to host activist workshops and discussions for all student women in the area. 

  • Women in Leadership -

NUS UK runs a leadership programme for women who work in students unions and student officers. The programme provided resources, events and a coaching scheme to women students who wanted to develop their leadership skills and look at ways in which they could be supported to become leaders and be leaders. For more information visit the Women's Leadership hub

Also NUS' fourth Women in Leadership Conference is taking place in February 2017. It is a great opportunity to explore the power and potentional you have as a woman leader, whilst considering the challenges we face as women and creating an environment to overcome them. As ever places are limited so for more information and to register please go to the Events page here.