The NUS LGBT+ campaign has a history of initiating and supporting ground breaking research related to LGBT+ students and their unique needs and issues. Read more below.     


 Education Beyond the Straight and Narrow – LGBT  students’  experiences in Higher Education

 This highly in-depth research looks at the specific experiences of LGBT  students in  HE. It demonstrates the importance of LGBT societies for  LGBT students which  combine a social, welfare and campaigning role.This  research also highlights the difference in experiences that LGB and  trans  students have.

  This report shows that investing in LGBT provision will pay dividends in  terms of the experience and involvement of  students within the students’ union and university.


 Out in Sport – LGBT students’ experiences of sport  

 We know that sport is a huge part of university and college life for many  students. However many LGBT  students feel excluded or uncomfortable  participating in sport because of factors including the culture, structure,  and physical environment.

 This is an area that has only seen limited research in the past, our report  looks into exactly what barriers LGBT  students  face in regards to their  participation in sport, as well as the experiences of LGBT athletes when  they do participate. You can also read our good practise case studies  here.  


 No Place for Hate - Hate crimes and incidents in FE and HE: sexual orientation and gender identity  

 For many LGBT  students, college and university is a time where they are able to explore and   define their  gender  and/or sexual identities. Such an environment is  destroyed when students are  targeted by antisocial behaviour  or crime  because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.  

  This report investigates the experiences of Hate Crimes and related  incidents for FE and HE students who identify as  LGBT.


 The Forum for sexual orientation and gender identity equality in post-school educationGuidance on trans equality in post-school education

 Trans people face high levels of discrimination across all sectors giving FE and HE institutions an additional and significant responsibility to ensure that trans people’s needs are met and that they feel  supported and safe.

 This guidance created by the Forum, of which NUS LGBT+ is a partner, provides information and suggests effective approaches for ensuring that trans equality is embedded in all policies and  practices in FE and HE.


  The Skills Funding Agency - Research into Sexual Orientation and  Gender Identity Equality in Adult Learning

  NUS was a part of the steering group for this research by the Skills  Funding  Agency, which looks at how well the FE  sector is meeting the  needs of  LGBT learners, it also examines how students’ sexual orientations  and  gender  identities  might inform the choices they make.




Evaluating Estrangement: a report into the estrangement application process in HE student finance

This project came about as a result of LGBT students sharing their own personal experiences of being estranged from their parents through NUS LGBT+ Campaign networks. However the issue of estrangement is one that any student can face.This report, created in 2010, looks at the difficulties of accessing student finance when students are estranged from their parents in a system which uses parental income  as a means test.