Liberation Staff Team

The five liberation campaigns are supported by a small staff team. Learn more about who they are and what they do below.    

Rita Serghis, Projects Assistant
Rita joined NUS in 2014 as a receptionist whilst still a student. She joined the liberation team full-time in December 2015 as the Campaigns Assistant. She is currently the team’s Projects Assistant, developing systems and processes, and supporting the liberation campaigns’ volunteer student committees.

Before joining NUS, Rita was the Student-Led Learning and Teaching Awards Co-ordinator at Kingston University and before that, she was the Vice President for Learning and Teaching at Kingston University Students’ Union. Rita has had a turbulent journey in higher education and didn’t complete her degree. She spends a lot of time thinking, reading and talking about what liberated learning and teaching practice looks like, economic justice, and how to be an effective depressed and anxious activist, student and friend. Other things she’s involved in include running a group, producing a podcast and trying to be a minimalist.

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Bee Bishop, Campaigns Assistant
Bee is the Campaigns Assistant in the liberation team, having joined NUS in October 2016. In her role, she focuses on supporting the six liberation officers and their volunteer committees. Bee works with Jannat and Natasha on external campaigns for the membership, organising events, creating campaign materials and delivering training. She first got involved in student activism during her time at UEA, campaigning with her feminist society before getting involved with the women’s, LGBT+ and disabled students’ campaigns, and spent two years as the Bisexual Rep on NUS Women’s Committee.

Outside of NUS, Bee enjoys going to the theatre and eating lots of Vietnamese food with her friends. She also enjoys spending too much time on Twitter talking about politics, films/TV, and skincare. She is currently figuring-out her life ambition of organising a festival for queer women and non-binary folk.

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Jannat Hossain, Campaigns and Communications Officer
Jannat joined the team in June 2017 to help develop our campaigns and lead our communications work. She is passionate about activist development, building reciprocal relationships and community care. Before NUS, she spent three years working for various NGOs, from campaigning on sustainable diets to supporting networks building new economics systems. 

Outside of NUS, Jannat is an anti-islamophobia and environmental activist and organiser. She is committed to better understanding and tackling power and privilege in activism; determined to learn all she can about the history of South Asia; and is forever on the quest to be a better organiser. Outside of all this, she loves fashion, lipstick, reading, and being by the sea.  

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Natasha Dhumma, Campaigns and Advocacy Manager
Natasha joined NUS in July 2016 and leads the liberation campaigns team to create meaningful change in the lives of students who define into our liberation groups. She is the person to go to about our current or previous campaigning or advocacy activities, activist development opportunities, and NUS’ hate crime work. Before joining NUS, Natasha worked both nationally and at European level on anti-racist work, supporting youth activism and youth-led advocacy on police stop and search, racial profiling, drug policy reform, migration and refugee rights amongst others.

When not at work Natasha is a trustee of drug policy organisation Release and cultivates a collection of vegetable shaped ceramics and gold jewellery.

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Victoria Cabral, Projects Manager
With over 8 years of experience in human rights, public service delivery and project management, Victoria is the liberation team’s projects manager. She is the person to speak to if you want to know more about what the liberation officers are working on, the governance processes of liberation campaigns including conferences and policy, and any other ad hoc questions about the inner workings of liberation campaigns and their representative officers.

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