Developing Ideas podcast

Our new podcast explores fresh perspectives in the student movement, talking about new ideas from participatory budgeting to sustainability. The latest episode, and scroll down to access previous episodes!


Our second podcast is all about Participatory Budgeting (PB), a democratic process where members of a community decide together how to spend public budgets. We look at how this idea can be applied in a student context, speaking to the Participatory Budgeting Partners, and to Fife College students' association who have given it a try. 



The first episode is all about democracy. We ask the question ‘can we overdo democracy?’ and ‘what’s next?’ for the role of democracy in SAs. We are also joined by SRUCSA campus officer, Katie Dubarry, to look at the relationship between access and democracy. Tweet us your thoughts @NUSScotland #DevelopingIdeas