Following our Shaping Scotland’s Future campaign during the Scottish Parliament Elections, the Scottish Government has committed to a full review of student support. But the hard work has only just begun. 

We now need to ensure real, lasting change. We want to see the review introduce a right to improved support for Further Education students and improved support throughout the year for Higher Education students. As well as these longer term changes, more can be done for students studying now: we'll campaign for improvements to financial support for students in the upcoming Scottish budget. 

A word from the President

"A fundamental review of student support could ensure we scrap the injustices of the current system, and provide security and parity for all students, regardless of where, what or how they study. At the same time, we know that there are important changes we can, and must, make for students here and now, while we secure longer term reform - well be looking to the forthcoming draft budget to ensure that’s the case." Vonnie Sandlan, NUS Scotland President. 

Student support review

Following our Shaping Scotland's Future campaign the Scottish Goverment committeed to a full review of student support, with the First Minister acknowledging: "It is vital that the arrangements that we have in place support our commitment to widening access."

The review was announced on 25 October and its remit will include exploring:

The review’s remit will include exploring:

  • The most effective support for the poorest and most vulnerable students
  • The balance of support available to those in further and higher education
  • The current repayment threshold and period for student loan debt

More information is available here

Freshers' postcards

During Freshers' Weeks this year we were out on college and university campuses across Scotland getting students involved in our campaign. You can see some photos from our campaign work during Freshers' Weeks here. Thank you to everyone who got involved and signed up to support the campaign.

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