This section houses our library of research and reports into the health, safety and welfare of students.

Homes fit for study (2019)
Homes Fit for Study is a piece of research, conducted with students and learners about the accommodation they live in during term time when in education. The aim is to use the findings to inform and support campaigning to support improved accommodation for students. DOWNLOAD NOW >

kNOw MORE (2019)

Between December 2018 and February 2019, NUS-USI ran the largest ever survey examining non-consensual sexual experiences of further and higher education students across Northern Ireland. 2,200 students across Northern Ireland completed the survey, and NUS-USI launched the results at its National Conference in 2019 and shared with the Department of Justice. DOWNLOAD NOW>

What we know (2018)
A review of student attitudes to the world, environment, leisure, social media and exercise. DOWNLOAD NOW >
The experience of Muslim students 2017-2018
This report looks at the experiences of Muslim students in further and higher education, “What does it mean to be Muslim in Britain today?” DOWNLOAD NOW >
Taking the hit (2018)
This report looks at student drug use and how institutions respond. DOWNLOAD NOW >
NUS-USI Wellbeing report (2017)
This report seeks to provide a better understanding of the current state of affairs in relation to student mental health and wellbeing in Northern Ireland, considering the current pressures and challenges faced by our student body, but of the implications that those pressures have for their wellbeing. DOWNLOAD NOW >
The experience of Jewish students in 2016-17
This research aims to improve our knowledge of the Jewish student experience in 2017, being conducted against a backdrop of increased antisemitism and reports of hate crime against Jewish people following the rise of the far right after the Brexit vote and in America and Europe more widely. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Mental health poll (2015)
This survey summary looks at the mental health of students in further and higher education. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Internet trolling (2015)
This report presents the research findings of an online survey carried out with students in Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) in November and December 2015. It explores how widespread the problem of trolling is, to what degree trolling or fear of being trolled deters students from running in elections and provides data to help SUs to run their own anti trolling campaigns. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Isolation and Vulnerability Report (2015)
The findings from this report form a preliminary response to the ways in which to alleviate the isolation and vulnerability students of faith continue to experience. DOWNLOAD NOW >
NUS & Unipol Accommodation Costs Survey (2015)
The NUS/Unipol Accommodation Costs Survey has been running for 33 years and has consistently tracked changes in the market over that time. It is the only research that provides a comprehensive view of purpose-built accommodation and gives detailed and open data on costs and trends. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Reaching Home (2015)
This report aims to help students’ unions and the higher education sector gain an understanding of the situation of students living in the parental home during study. It is based on an MA dissertation and focuses on England for this reason, though will have relevance for the rest of the UK.  DOWNLOAD NOW >
Homes Fit for Study (2014) 
This report focuses on the experiences of students in higher education, their housing choices and their experiences of the private rented sector in particular. DOWNLOAD NOW >

Related publications:

Meet the Parents: the experience of students with children in further and higher education (2009) 
This research was carried out between November 2007 and December 2008 involving over 2,250 students with children as well as student advisors, academics and campaigners. It outlines the findings of the first ever UK wide assessment of the experiences of students who are parents identifying 6 areas of policy requiring change. DOWNLOAD NOW >