Education funding and the cost of living

Here you’ll find our library of research and reports into education funding, student finance and the cost of living.

Success in the student market fact sheet 2016/2017

This report explores the impact of living circumstances during term time, student finances, future ambitions and university experiences on students. DOWNLOAD NOW >

Double Jeopardy (2016)

Following on from 2015's Debt in the First degree, this report investigates the attitudes and experiences of the first cohort of students graduating under the post-2012 system of £9,000 fees. DOWNLOAD NOW >

Debt In The First Degree (2015)
Following on from 2015's Debt in the First degree, this report investigates the attitudes and experiences of the first cohort of students graduating under the post-2012 system of £9,000 fees.DOWNLOAD NOW >

The Impact of the 2015 Comprehensive Spending Review on Higher Education Fees and Funding Arrangements in Subjects Allied to Medicine (2015)
A NUS, Unison and London Economics report investigating the effects of the government's decision to cut NHS bursaries in 2017.DOWNLOAD NOW >
A Roadmap for Free Education (2014)
This report sets out a roadmap to help politicians and vice-chancellors make the right decisions on higher education reform. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Pound in Your Pocket Summary Report (2014)
One of a number of reports in the pound in your pocket programme looking at student financial support. This report focuses on Wales and this report focuses on Northern Ireland.. DOWNLOAD SUMMARY REPORT NOW >
Student Financial Support: A wicked problem (2012)
This report outlines the narrative about why student financial support is a wicked problem and reflects on research to date and what more is needed to resolve these problems. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Mapping the Evidence - A review of the Literature: Student Financial Support in Further and Higher Education (2012)
This is the first major report from the NUS Student Financial Support Commission, which was convened in Autumn 2011. Mapping the Evidence is unique, because it provides a comprehensive overview of the student financial support structures across both further and higher education and allows the reader to begin to understand the ‘whole system’, including its successes and failures. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Steps toward a fairer system of postgraduate taught funding in England 
This paper outlines new proposals for postgraduate taught funding in England including a feasible model that promotes fair access to taught postgraduate courses. DOWNLOAD NOW >
NUS/HSBC Student Experience Report 2010-11: Finance and Debt (2012)
This report discusses the second wave of a programme of research carried out by the NUS and HSBC in
May 2010 into students’ expectations and experiences of university. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Still in the Red: Student Finance in 2010 (2010)
This report was one of the largest pieces of research NUS Scotland had undertaken at that time and sets out the student support system in Scotland from every angle, including where the system worked and where it did not. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Broke and Broken: taught postgraduate students on funding and finance (2010)
This report represents a significant improvement in understanding of the financial situation of taught postgraduate students and how financial concerns shape and define the taught postgraduate student experience. DOWNLOAD NOW >
The True Cost of College: the price students pay for further education (2008)
A report by NUS and the Learning and Skills Network into the cost of studying in further education. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Evaluating Estrangement (2008)
This report came about as a result of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) students sharing their own personal experiences of being estranged from their parents through NUS LGBT Campaign networks. It outlines recommendations for estrangement status within existing funding systems. DOWNLOAD NOW >
EMA Satisfaction Survey (2008)
An outline of learners’ experiences of education maintenance allowances is detailed in this survey report. DOWNLOAD NOW >