Equality, Diversity and Liberation

This section houses our library of research and reports into the attitudes of students to issues relating to equality and diversity and Liberation campaigns.

Equality, Diversity and Liberation Accessibility on Campus (2016) 
This summary provides details of the Disabled Students Survey conducted in December 2015. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Pride and Prejudice in Education (2016) 
This report, based on research conducted by the Forum for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equality in Post-School Education (the Forum), seeks to fill some of the gaps in the evidence that has helped the post-school education sector to understand and respond to the concerns of LGBT staff and students. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Race Matters (2015) 
This report provides a valuable insight into the experiences and barriers that many Black staff face in students’ unions, and confirms a wider picture of race inequality and under-representation beyond the third sector. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Education Beyond the Straight and Narrow (2014) 
This research, the first of its kind, explores the experience of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) students in higher education, focusing specifically on their everyday life on campus, their access to different services and factors that influence success and course completion. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Learning With Care (2013) 
Student carers are a hidden group of students who face unique barriers and challenges in accessing and succeeding in education. This report presents the findings of the first ever national research into the experiences of student carers in further and higher education.
That’s What She Said (2013) 
Women’s experiences of ‘lad culture’ in higher education is the subject of this research and report. Undertaken by independent researchers at the University of Sussex, the report outlines campus culture, the experiences of women students, and the student movement’s role in shaping both of these. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Out in Sport: LGBT+ Students' Experiences of Sport (2012) 
This report gives the findings from our research into the sporting experiences of LGBT students in further and higher education, an area that has only seen limited research in the past. Sport is a huge part of university and college life for many students and also one of the primary ways that students engage with their students’ unions. But LBGT+ students don’t always feel comfortable engaging in sport for a variety of cultural, structural, and other reasons.

Related publications:

Hidden Marks (2011) 
A study of women students experiences of harassment, stalking, violence and sexual assault. Women aged 16–24 have a higher risk of experiencing domestic violence, but there appeared to be little awareness of this amongst students. In this report we provide a snapshot of the harassment and violence that a national sample of women students have faced whilst they have been at their current institution. DOWNLOAD NOW >
No Place for Hate: hate crimes and incidents in further and higher education 2012 
We undertook a series of reports into hate crimes and incidents in further and higher education in 2012 following the report with the Home Office in 2011. The individual reports can be accessed below:
Home Office/NUS Hate Crime Interim Report: exploring students' understanding, awareness and experiences of hate incidents (2011) 
Universities and colleges are often described as microcosms – smaller communities reflective of our wider society. The UK student population is a diverse group of people, with a range of racial and ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, physical, mental, and learning abilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities, an expression of the myriad of individuals in our society. And with this intersection of people comes an exciting collision of different ideas, viewpoints, and opinions. Such an environment is destroyed when students are targeted by anti-social behaviour or crime because of their differences and yet, for nearly one in six students, this is an everyday reality. This nationwide research considers hate crime affecting students, being built upon further during 2012. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Race for Equality: a report on the experiences of Black students in further and higher education (2011) 
A report on the experiences of Black students in further and higher education. Exploring the attainment gap between Black and white students and the issues of racism in the classroom and on campus, and the barriers that restrict gifted Black students from fulfilling their potential. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Life, Not Numbers: a report into the experiences of disabled students in higher education using personal care packages (2010)
Current research about disabled students who require personal care while studying at university is mainly quantitative. This report provide qualitative research into disabled students experiences of using personal care packages and to pinpoint the main barriers they faced while applying to and attending university. It also allows the students to talk about improvements that they think are required. DOWNLOAD NOW >
Finding the Way in FE (2010) 
This report from the NUS Disabled Students’ Campaign is about disabled students’ participation in further education. It aims to increase the number of disabled students in further education and to improve the experiences of disabled students. DOWNLOAD NOW >