Rewarding reps and accreditation

Many unions and institutions provide incentives for being student reps, and to help raise participation in the roles by:

  • Providing Reps with certificates for their role or any additional activities or training undertaken. 
  •  Providing reps with certificates to celebrate their achievements, with union representatives and the university as signatories.
  • Paying reps for attendance at meetings or for work undertaken – either per meeting or per hour of work that is evidenced. 
  •  Holding events, meetings, conferences or parties at key times of the year.
  • Providing food at rep meetings, or simply holding rep training at a time and place that is convenient. 
  •  Holding rep awards’ celebrations to recognise good practice among reps. This will also give you a good idea of who to nominate at the annual NUS Awards.
  • Holding competitions or prize draws among reps e.g. hoodies, usb sticks, asking your university for sponsorship to reward your reps.
  • Discounts or rewards at the union.
  • Incorporate into existing structures for volunteers and volunteer rewarding.
  • Working with the university to secure module accreditation for reps’ work.


An increasing number of students’ unions and institutions are accrediting their course reps for the work that they do.


This accreditation can range from certificates and monetary rewards, external accreditation whereby course reps are awarded by an external agency,  or formal academic accreditation in the form of 5 or 10 credit modules.


Below are a some examples and case studies from institutions throughout the UK who currently run accreditations schemes.
  • Anglia Ruskin Students' Union: Working in partnership with the institution ARU students' union have been running a 15 credit module accreditation pilot - click here for more information. 
  • University of Nottingham Students’ Union Course Rep accreditation poster