Annual Quality Reports

An Annual Quality Report (AQR) is a statement of the student experience at your institution. An AQR provides your students’ union with an evidence base to enhance the experience of students and develop an effective partnership with your university or college.

The development of an Annual Quality Report will help you and your students’ union to:

  • monitor students’ perceptions of the quality of their educational provision;
  • monitor student involvement in quality assurance and enhancement;
  • identify priority areas for improvement and make recommendations to your institution.

AQRs can also play an important part in your Student Submission which takes place every six years as part of the Higher Education review method (HER).

Through a QAA funded project NUS and The Student Engagement Partnership (TSEP) produced three guides to support you through the process of creating a AQR.

1 – Creating an evidence base

2 – Structuring your report

3 – Developing recommendations

If you are looking for ideas on how you can develop your own project or just want to learn from the experiences of other unions then our AQR case studies will be a useful resource.

We also have several example AQRs from students' unions so that you can have a look at how they have structured their report, the methodology used and the key themes.

You can find out more about the QAA Higher Education Review process through the QAA website or by contacting TSEP through