Governing Boards

The NUS Group is made up of seven separate legal entities each with their own board and with 14 sub committees and around 80 volunteers who sit on one or more Boards / Sub Committees.

Through a ‘corporate governance filter’ NUS UK acts as the primary ‘NUS Group’ board although in reality it delegates much of the responsibility to the other boards and subcommittees. 

The Boards and committees are an important part of the NUS governance processes. Good governance ensures we are running a sound, legal and financially viable organisation.

This section breaks down the purpose the NUS UK, NUS Services, NUS Charity and NUS Scotland Charity Boards and their subcommittees. We will regularly update this hub with the key decisions made by the Board.

The Boards and Committees have a Terms of Reference and Cycle of Business which outline how they will conduct the meetings and what their purpose is.