I Heart Consent - Pilot Report

A look into the findings from our consent education pilot project
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Monday 17 August 2015, 16:15

Last year the NUS Women’s Campaign launched the I Heart Consent Campaign and worked with 20 students’ unions to pilot consent workshops as part of a wider campaign to prevent sexual harassment and assault on campuses. The aim of the campaign was to:

  • Educate students about consent in order to help create educational and social environments which are happier, safer and more inclusive.
  • Combat rape culture and victim blaming by tackling myths, rectifying problematic perspectives of consent and helping students understand that sexual activity without consent is a crime in which only the perpetrator can be blamed.
  • Empower students to create a positive consent culture by taking part in advocating access to inclusive sex and relationship education in universities, colleges and in schools.

This impact report provides an overview of the impact of the pilot scheme on campuses and the further development that NUS has taken from the feedback process.



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