Black Staff Network

Welcome to the Black Staff Network hub, your one stop shop for keeping up to date with the work from the Black Staff Network including meeting dates, handy resources, helpful tips and useful information.


The Black Staff Network is a community of practice established to give a collective voice to Black staff, enhance peer support and to provide support towards career progression. The Black Staff Network is open to Black Staff in NUS affiliated unions.


In 2015, we published our research report – Race Matters, which looked into the experiences of Black staff across the student movement. The results highlighted the need for further change within our movement nationally, particularly when looking at race inequality, Black staff representation at all levels in unions and access to development and progression.

This is not just limited to the student movement, beyond this, recently the CIPD found that a low four out of ten BAME (40%) employees said they are satisfied with their career progression prospects in their current organisation, calling for workplaces to begin to understand the different barriers that BAME staff face when looking at career progression.

Last year the McGregor-Smith review into race in the workplace found that BAME people are faced with a ‘lack of distinct role models’, this is supported by Charity Job who also highlighted that there are a lack of BAME role models within the charity sector.

We are determined to work towards removing barriers and supporting career progression for Black staff. We are pleased to announce that the Black Staff Network is back for 2018/19 with 4 meeting dates scheduled in April, July, October and January.

Chair of Black Staff Network

For 2018/19 the Black Staff Network Chair is Rebecca Quansah – Student Development Manager at Warwick SU. You can get in touch with Rebecca via email.

How to get involved?

There are a few ways you can get involved whether it’s attending the meetings held quarterly which gives you the chance to meet other Black staff in SU’s nationwide and to gain insights from Black leaders from the sector or by joining the Workplace by Facebook closed group.

We’re also looking for new ideas for the network, so if you have something in mind please get in touch with Rebecca.

Black is used by NUS as an inclusive term to refer to members of the African, Arab, Asian, Caribbean, South and Latin American communities.