Facilitating Dialogue on Faith and Sexuality in FE

This resource pack offers ideas and practical suggestions on how to facilitate dialogue on faith and sexuality
Faith and sexuality in fe
Wednesday 02 September 2015, 15:47

The relationship between faith and sexuality is often considered taboo; a false dichotomy wherein people’s real or perceived attitudes contrive a “choice” of identities or deem them incompatible somehow.

In certain cases, it may be that there are live tensions between faith and LGBT communities;, these tensions may be rooted in assumptions or prejudices relating to what they think the other believes.

NUS has a proud history of liberation and so we see it as our role to really push the boundaries of thought and practice on this important subject.

We hope this resource pack will support those initiatives that already exist, as well as set a precedent for future projects within the Further Education sector – and beyond - and where the facilitation of dialogue will lead the way to stronger, open and more vibrant communities.


LGBT, Union Development

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