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International Students' Day 

International Students Day takes place on 17 November and is an annual event since Czech universities were stormed in 1939, Internal Students Day is a time to share just how much the world gains from the exchange of knowledge across cultural barriers.


UKCISA #WeAreInternational Student Forum


On Monday 18 November, Vice President (Union Development), Erica Ramos and Vice President (Welfare), Eva Crossan Jory will attend the UKCISA #WeareInternational Student Forum taking place in Tavistock Square, London.  

UKCISA is a charity and membership organisation supporting international students and all who work with them by providing a range of advice for international students, including Brexit, immigration, fees and wellbeing.

The event is an opportunity to bring together international students from across the UK to share their experiences and influence policy.

We'll share a summary of the event here soon.