Student Sustainability Summit

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This event has expired or is no longer available.

Student Sustainability Summit

The Student Sustainability Summit will equip you to put sustainability at the heart of your students’ union’s core purpose over the year ahead. Our leaders aren’t leading on this issue. It’s up to us – the student movement – to lead instead.

This two-day event of talks, workshops and networking will help you to gain new skills and connect with other officers and activists to take action on issues like divestment, renewables, sustainable food, climate justice and so much more.

Our movement has a proud history of fighting on the most important social justice issues of the last 90 years – and sustainability is no exception. Together, we can help our education system become part of the solution to our social, economic and environmental crises.

Day One – Monday 9 November

For: student campaigners/activists, student officers, staff working with students on sustainability.

Day Two - Tuesday 10 November

For: any student officers and students’ union staff with a remit for sustainability (particularly relevant for E&E officers or similar).

Registration for the event has now closed

Delegates will need to source their own accommodation.

 Click here for further information on each of the workshops.


Venue: University of Bristol Students' Union


Start Date Monday 09-11-2015 - 00:00

End Date Tuesday 10-11-2015 - 00:00

Capacity: 250

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