The Cocktail Lounge

With an ever-increasing and steady market for cocktails, join us in The Cocktail Lounge for everything you need to make sure your cocktail offering is bang on when it comes to market trends....

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...And take a look at our seasonal cocktail and Hero Drink suggestions to liven up your menu all year round.

Bols have also created a cocktail for every season and to make the sums easier, you can use the Lucas Bols drinks tracker - there's something for everyone!

For those that prefer the mocktail - take a look at the Bottle Green mocktails menu for some great non-alcoholic suggestions.

Cocktail trends to watch out for…

A Rum Revival

The image of sipping rum on a sandy beach is being washed away as a new tide of tiki inspired cocktails are appearing on menus.  Brands with an authentic story and unique taste are being used in cocktails across the country. 

Packing a Punch

Milk Punch dates back to 17th century England but with access to more diverse ingredients and new cocktail making techniques, it’s set for a revival.  One to watch!

Adapting the Classics

Bartenders are reinventing the classics by using new ingredients and techniques so expect to see Pina Colada’s, Appletini’s and Sex on the Beach in a whole new light.

From Dawn to Dusk

We’re seeing everyday drinks transforming in to indulgent libations - Coffee has taken the lead but expect to see everything from tea to kombucha making their debut on cocktail menus.

Sacred Spirits

More and more bartenders are using premium spirits in their cocktails, breaking free from the notion that they should be sipped alone. 


Egg whites have always been used to create some of our favourites – Gin Fizz, the Rattlesnake, Whiskey Sour - but there’s a new product in town that can now be enjoyed by everyone – vegans included!

Aquafaba is a by-product of cooking dried chickpeas or pulses in water, resulting in a brine that has foaming properties. Offering an alternative to eggs, it gives the body, familiar texture and creamy head of the egg white cocktail.  Read more here: