Submitting your Ideas

Conferences serve as a space to shape upcoming priorities for students, students’ unions and NUS. We’ll therefore be bringing students together before, during and after conference to shape what NUS will be vocal and visible on.

Our democracy was built to win in analogue, but we’re changing to be able to win in a digital world.  We’re switching from detailed policy lobbying to focused campaigns that unleash the power of the student movement.

Submitting proposals to NUS Democratic Conferences

Ultimately we’re asking for Students’ Unions to collaborate on ideas for our vocal and visible list. There will be an opportunity even after the initial submission date for Students’ Unions to add their name to proposals that have been agreed.

As well as that we’ll be accepting submissions from Students’ Unions on ideas to bring to conference.

Structuring your proposals

When you’re coming up with ideas, these questions should guide the way you put them on paper:
1.    What is the issue facing students?
2.    Why is this important to us as a movement?
3.    What would the world looked like if we solved it?

Word limits

We’ll be accepting in one formal submission per students’ union per conference, up to a maximum of 700 words.   A submission form will be made available in January. As well as that, Students’ Unions can collaborate and put their name to as many joint proposals as they wish.

Before conference there will be an exercise to discern the top issues to be discussed at conferences. We’ll then run sessions during conference to allow discussion, participation and conversation about the proposals.

Please complete the form below to make a submission