Reward, job evaluation, benchmarking

Louise McFaul of Hillstreet Partnership is the HR Support Unit's associate for the area of reward including job evaluation and pay benchmarking. Services include:

Pay benchmarking

Pay benchmarking can be carried out to establish how current salaries compare to the market. Louise will source market data relevant to the sector and location, and will compare this to other sectors and the UK as a whole. To do this, we need accurate job descriptions, the organisation structures, current salaries and an understanding of the level of budgetary control. The costs are:

  • CEO pay benchmarking - £400 + VAT
  • CEO and Executive Team pay benchmarking - £600 + VAT
  • Full organisation pay benchmarking - cost dependent on the number of roles in the structure.

Performance-Related Pay

Pay progression linked to performance is not for everyone - it relies on a consistent approach, the ability to hold effective performance conversations and a link to pay which 'feels fair'. Louise can help you with a scheme which is just built on positive performance conversations or which also links to pay. Alternatively, she can review what's already in place, paticularly where its' not working in the way you'd hoped.

Bonus Schemes

Bonus schemes which drive the behaviours and activities important to the success of your organisation can be powerful tools. Louise can help you establish a clear and fair scheme.

Remuneration Committee

If you are keen to introduce some rigour around pay and progression decisions, particularly for your senior jobs, Louise can help you set up a Remuneration Committee. This would include identifying the most appropriate composition of the panel, agreeing roles and responsibilities, and terms of reference.


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