NUS has built a number of tried and tested training and workshop methods to facilitate discussion around faith and belief issues that may arise on campus. We offer training throughout the year on a number of topics including:

  • External speakers guidance
  • Engaging students of faith and belief
  • Conflict resilience
  • Faith and sexuality
  • I Will Lead the Way – Muslim women’s leadership

In addition to our training programme we also provide guidance and support to build or improve good campus relations:

Building good campus relations

Here are some activities and guidance around starting to build good campus relations:

What makes for good interfaith and belief engagement?

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What sort of interfaith and belief activity is useful?

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Creating an action plan for interfaith and belief activities

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Building an interfaith and belief forum

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Activities for Mutual Understanding

Here are some activities you can use to build mutual understanding:

Understanding key terms

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Identifying common ground

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Hopes and Fears

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Key skills

Here is guidance around some key skills needed when working around the topic of faith and belief:

Organisations who are known to NUS to work on campus around the topic of faith and belief offer further training and activities for example:

St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace & Reconciliation has information on how to create Safe Space for dialogue or group work.

Three Faiths Forum have developed Interfaith rules and tools advice and offer training around interfaith facilitation and dialogue.

Campusalam have a variety of information and resources, including a page on creating the right atmosphere for discussions and debate.

All Faiths and None have many resources you can use on faith and belief within FE including session plans for tutorial time and topic material to start discussion.

The Religious Literacy Leadership in Higher Education project have produced resources such as a series of case studies on leadership challenges.