Faith and Belief FAQs

Many students’ unions and associations have questions about the changing demographics of their students including how best to support students from a variety of cultures and with diverse social, religious and cultural needs. NUS collects best practice from students’ unions, national student faith groups and external faith and belief groups to troubleshoot issues students’ unions may have surrounding faith and belief.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does NUS work on Faith and Belief?
  2. What do students of faith and belief face on campus?
  3. What faith and belief groups exist on your campus?
  4. What are the common problems faith and belief groups face?
  5. What is chaplaincy?
  6. What can we do to begin engaging with faith and belief societies?
  7. What can we do to resolve historic tension and negative relations?
  8. What activities can we do that are new and innovative?
  9. What is Social Action and how can it help the campus community?
  10. How do I find out more?