Useful Links

Our FAQs and Good ideas pages are full of useful information. There are also other good sources that you can turn to.

All Faiths and None have many resources you can use to open up the discussion on faith and belief both in and outside the classroom. These include lesson plans for tutorial time and videos to start discussion as well as guidance on how to run dialogue sessions.

The FE Chaplaincy Training project is an initiative to help open up FE chaplaincy and is tailor made to train people to become multi-faith chaplains for the FE context. They offer a full online course which is free. This could be useful to you if you want to bring in a chaplain to your college or if you think you could become a chaplain yourself.

The National Council for Faiths and Belief in Further Education is a national independent inter-faith charity working with the FE sector, faith and local communities and national and local faith/belief based groups to promote a positive engagement with faith and belief.

The Feast is a charity which brings together young Muslims and Christians to engage in dialogue and learn about each other’s faiths. They have resources which can be used in an FE context.

The Learning and Skills Improvement Service report on SMSC (social, cultural, spiritual and moral education) is a very useful report into why looking at these topics matter in FE and the powerful impact of involving students in SMSC.

St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace offers a number of innovative events and training on the areas of facilitating dialogue, interfaith action and bringing communities in conflict together. Check out their resources on storytelling to bring together groups and their principles for facilitating group dialogue.