Black Students

The NUS Black Students’ campaign is the largest organisation of Black students in Europe and represents all students of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage.

We campaign to raise awareness on issues affecting Black students at a local, national and international level. As an NUS liberation campaign, we are a self-organised and autonomous part of the National Union of Students.

This means that it is Black students who elect their national officer, committee and set policy of the campaign at our democratic Summer Conference. Aadam Muuse is the 2016-17 Black Students' Officer.

This policy in turn shapes the campaign’s work to ensure that the views and needs of Black students are heard in students’ unions and across wider society.

We are proud of our strong connections to our wider Black communities that have been built up over years of dedicated campaigning and we see ourselves as part of a vibrant social justice movement committed to increasing Black representation and tackling all forms of racism.