Leading and Representing in Education

Academic representation in higher education

Course representation systems are the best-established vehicles for students to engage in dialogue with academics about their education. Often this is limited to provision of feedback and raising issues rather than driving change.

Our work on course reps is focused on developing working systems where course reps have clear roles, are effectively trained and supported by their students’ union and in which the union has a good understanding of what issues are important to students across the different courses, departments, schools or faculties.

We are also concerned with the ways that course reps can develop a relationship of partnership with academics to co-produce courses and enhance their educational environment, goals that are explained in our Manifesto for Partnership.

Manifesto for Partnership 

A Tour of UK Further and Higher Education

NUS engages with a number of bodies throughout the education sector to make sure students’ rights are considered in decision making. These bodies span all four nations and are responsible for a range of aspects throughout the further and higher education sectors.


Department for Education
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)
Skills Funding Agency (SFA)
Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)
Universities UK (UUK)
Association of Colleges (AoC)
Higher Education Statistics Agency
Higher Education Academy
Quality Assurance Agency
Office of Fair Access


Scottish Funding Council                             
Quality Assurance Agency Scotland


Higher Education Funding Council for Wales         
Quality Assurance Agency Wales
Universities Wales

Northern Ireland

Department for Employment and Learning
Quality Assurance Agency Northern Ireland