Accessing Education

Information, Advice and Guidance 

Information, advice and guidance (IAG) about educational and future career options is a postcode lottery. It is the responsibility of schools and colleges to provide IAG but they are not supplied with the resources or support to carry out this duty effectively.

NUS believes that excellent careers information, advice and guidance are integral to helping young people  and adults achieve their ambitions and enabling businesses to recruit highly skilled and motivated workforces.

We are calling on the government to provide properly funded, universal IAG to allow all learners to make informed decision about their future.

Access to Higher Education

Your likelihood of attending university is dependent on factors such as your economic status, race and gender. Students from higher income families and neighbourhoods where there is a tradition of higher education participation are more likely to attend the most selective universities. This in turn has an impact on the racial makeup of those institutions. 

NUS believes that everyone has the right to good quality education regardless of these factors. UK higher education providers are expected to work to improve access to education for these worst represented and most disadvantaged students.

NUS supports students’ unions to play an instrumental role in shaping this process. There are also a number of resources available to help you make sure your institution is doing enough to address this inequality.