What's on?

This Trade Show re-run gives students' unions the opportunity to browse suppliers and place orders for the new academic year or in line with re-opening where that has been possible.  

Things to do at this event:

Visit the Exhibition Hall to browse suppliers.  If you'd like further information about a brand, simply click on the stand where you'll find further details on products and deals, as well as a contact for the brand.

Visit the Lounges.  Sponsors Molson Coors, LWC and Global Brands invite you to the The Mountain Fresh bar and Lounge Bar for a truely immersive experience.

Add resources to your Swag Bag.  Suppliers have added loads of useful resources to their stands so if you want to take stuff away for a read later on, simply add them to your swag bag.

Get networking.  Got a question for any of our suppliers, simply click on the networking tab at the top and this will take you to the live chat room.

Place orders.  Once you've decided what's on your shopping list, just add them to your shopping cart, make sure you've got your account number to hand, and follow the steps to place your order.

Remember to tell us what you thought too! Your feedback helps us to shape future events so is always appreciated.

Remember the event will be live for 30 days so feel free to take time to browse and come back to place orders at a later date.