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Krispy Kreme's latest marketing campaign "Bites"

Krispy Kreme have launched their new March 2018 campaign - "Bites" - with new arrivals and bespoke eye-catching POS.  Download the scanner card here and click here for the full campaign pack.

Bee Me is now available through the purchasing consortium!

Winners of 9 Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards and Best Frozen Yoghurt in the UK

Six Reasons to stock Bee Me...

  • Minimal cleaning
  • Eco friendly
  • Perfect portion control – no waste
  • Ease of use – one button technology
  • Only a 13amp standard plug required
  • Deliver 250 portions per hour


Tensator® - Converting waiting time to shopping time!

Waiting never improves the customer experience - it cuts into your profitability, efficiency and revenues. Tensator’s®  In-Queue Merchandising Systems change that by converting waiting time to shopping time.

Tensator® are now listed as a Strategic Partnership available through the purchasing consortium. Working closely with the Commercial Development Team to identify and install queueing systems into retail outlets within student unions. 

The system is easy to install and can either be created from just a few key components, the team at Tensator® can also work on bespoke systems where required.

For more details please contact Kirsty Cleaver.

The market place is highly competitive.  Brands ensure you have a personal identity, one that reflects the personality, ethos and spirit of the organisation.  When you get it right, the customer feels part of your business, part of what you are trying to achieve and becomes a 'raving fan' of your offering.  Brands to customers represent clarity, reassurance, consistency and status. They also drive footfall in to your business, increasing sales and average spend whilst giving students the high street experience they desire.

Many of you are already successfully using some of the brands detailed below. Through working with the Trading Support team, these are now available to the wider membership through exclusive deals available only for purchasing members.

The Trading Support team are working closely with these strategic partners to ensure you receive the best level of service, product and support at the best price.

Our strategic partnerships will continue to grow but at present include:

Bee Me

Amazing Taste, Amazing Offer

So what will it cost to set up and how long before I see a return on my investment?

Machine and freezer £995 (introductory price)

Cost per portion .99p

60%+ profit margin (based on a net selling price of £2.45)

Sell only 6-a-day to repay machine and freezer in less than 3 months!

Freezer comes on wheels so machine can move location very easily, ideal for pop up events or just a change of location.

The Desert you can feel good about

  • Low fat
  • All natural and healthy
  • Non-Gluten GMO free
  • No artificial flavours or colourings
  • Full of iron and calcium

Available in the following flavours

*natural froyo** mixed berries froyo**mango and passionfruit froyo*

*chocolate froyo**pistachio ice-cream**vanilla brownie ice-cream*

Toppings Available

*almonds**caramel shavings**granola**coconut**milk choc shavings**white choc shavings**mini m&m’s**mini Oreos**strawberry curls*

Can be served in the Bee Me branded tub or make it more premium by serving it in a glass sundae dish with fresh fruit and toppings, or even use it in ice-cream floats and thick shakes, versatile with lots of serving options.

* Due to logistics not available in Scotland Bee ME are working on a solution*

Here's some promotional assets and further information on Bee Me.

If more information is required regarding account set up, ordering and deliveries or any other questions please contact Alison or Kirsty in the Commercial Development Team. or


  • Trusted and well respected brand
  • High engagement in the 18-30's bracket
  • Not just pies, sides available dependant on which concept is taken
  • All pies are 100% free-range and 100% British
  • All pies are Good Egg, Good Pig and Good Chicken award winning
  • All pies are Great Taste award winners
  • 3 levels of concept from wholesale through to full Pieminister outlet
  • Pieminster provide a complete food concept including food, equipment, training and brand support
  • Pies can be cooked in four minutes and takeaway or sit-down style of service is also offered
  • Being a brand license customer, you get access to all of Pieminister marketing campaigns, new seasonal products and ongoing promotions


Costa Express

  • Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee offering
  • 3 levels of concept - Wholesale, Costa Express and Costa Proud to Serve
  • Costa Express is a great vending operation providing irresistible coffee on-the-go and is zero opex
  • Costa Express assists with growing incremental sales of up to 30% per transaction
  • Costa Express sits well with 'food-to-go' offers
  • Costa Proud to Serve is a great bean-to-cup option for your catering outlets
  • Range of sweet snacking and impulse to support your beverage offering
  • Real time sales reporting and live operational data
  • Flexible marketing, innovative POS and loyalty schemes
  • Site opening support, brand audits, business reviews and training


Krispy Kreme

  • Krispy Kreme operate a fully managed offer where they handle everything from supplying and installing the cabinet / order management / logistics / fresh daily product / merchandising / collecting the waste
  • The student union will then receive a sales commission of 25% on all product sold
  • All the student union needs to do is provide retailing space and weekly EPOS data.  It's then invoiced based on product sold only
  • Krispy Kreme UK make 80,000 donuts per year
  • In 800 locations and 8.1 million customers per year
  • Manufactured daily and delivered from 4am to store, so no donut more than 24 hrs old


Stone Willy's Pizza

  • Working with students' unions since 2006
  • Provides a complete food concept - including food, equipment, training and brand support
  • Available as Stone Willy's Pizza or full concept in Stone Willy's Kitchen
  • Stone Willy's Pizza was awarded 'Best Independant Pizza Shop 2015' by Just Eat at the 2015 P.A.P.A Industry Awards
  • Not just pizza, the menu also offers wraps, breakfast products, burgers and side orders
  • 12" pizza cooked in less than 2 minutes, wraps cooked in under 50 seconds



  • Fairtrade Certified coffee
  • 'Our Coffee in Your Cafe' - serving a core range of Starbucks beverages
  • A clearly visible Starbucks branded offer in a catered environment with its own clear identity
  • Promotional campaigns closley aligned with the high street
  • Sweet snacking and impulse range
  • Dedicated account manager, audits and training support
  • 1-in-4 UK cups are delivered through 'We Proudly Serve'
  • Great footfall driver, growing incremental sales in your cafe space


Fore more information and a breakdown of all the concepts, packages and specific mechanics of each brand, please contact Alison Inch, Commercial Development at