Preparing for Natasha’s Law

From 1 October 2021, Natasha’s Law will come into effect, let’s look at what you need to know and how to ensure your operation is prepared.

Around two million people are thought to live with food allergies in the UK, with the consequences of allergic reaction and anaphylaxis potentially serious or even deadly.
By now we are all familiar with the tragic story of Natasha Ednand-Laperouse, the teenager who suffered a fatal allergic reaction in 2016. In the wake of the incident, the importance of clear and concise food labelling has become apparent, and operators are welcoming the introduction of the new legislation that will help customers make safe decisions.

What is the new law?

Natasha’s Law will come into effect in October 2021, and all businesses based in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be required to clearly label all foods packaged and produced on their premises with a complete list of ingredients.  
Who will be affected?
Natasha’s Law will apply in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and will require businesses that sell food pre-packaged for direct sale to provide a full ingredient list on individual packaging.  
We urge all operators to take this opportunity to refresh their allergens training and communicate with staff the implications of Natasha’s Law. Regardless of the law itself, many businesses have significantly altered their operation over the course of the pandemic, and it is worthwhile to ensure the communication of allergen information is still effective. In addition, teams should be knowledgeable and able to communicate to customers what allergens information is available and how Natasha’s Law affects them.
Preparing for Natasha’s Law
Our newly updated online course Allergens and Natasha’s Law is now available, covering all current legislation as well as outlining the details of Natasha’s Law specifically. In addition, learners will build awareness of different allergen risks, be able to identify the 14 allergens, as well as explore the often-overlooked topic of allergens in drinks.
The course is the only one to be endorsed by Allergy Accreditation and will effectively prepare your teams for managing allergens and the introduction of the new legislation.
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