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Posted 14 August 2020

 Suma New Account Problems

We have been advised by SUMA that they are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the new account part of their website.
Please use the following contact details to set up any new accounts until this problem is resolved.

Contact: Liam Colligan
Phone: 01422 313872

Posted 24 June 2020

Britvic Bag in Box – Shelf life Extension

The quality of our products and the service we provide for our customers and consumers is of the utmost importance to Britvic. 

Given the current situation resulting from the Covid pandemic we have been reviewing the best before dates of our BIB range. We have conducted both sensory and scientific evaluation of the products over time and also in conjunction with our franchise partners to optimise current stockholdings in outlets and minimise food waste.  

The result of this evaluation has been in these exceptional circumstances that we can now extend some of the Best Before End (BBE) of Britvic supplied BIB products in accordance with the table below. These extensions should be added to the existing date code.

These changes apply to unopened BIBs stored under normal conditions, not those that have remained on the dispensing machine prior to the lockdown or closure period. This also does not apply to damaged or leaking containers

We can confirm that this change has no signifcant effect on the taste or stability of the product and complies with all legal and applicable food safety requirements and has been done so in conjunction with UK Trading standards.



BBE on manufacture

Extension to existing BBE date

Pepsi Regular

9 Months

+2 Weeks - BBE Aug 20 becomes BBE 14 Sept 20

Tango Ice Blast range

9 Months

+3 Months – BBE Jul 20 becomes BBE Oct 20

Lipton Ice Tea Peach

9 Months

+1 Month – BBE Jul 20 becomes BBE Aug 20

R. Whites

9 Months

+3 Months – BBE Jul 20 becomes BBE Oct 20

Britvic Tonic Water

9 Months

+3 Months – BBE Jul 20 becomes BBE Oct 20

Tango Orange & Tango Apple

6 Months

+3 Months – BBE Jul 20 becomes BBE Oct 20

Robs A&B

6 Months

+3 Months – BBE Jul 20 becomes BBE Oct 20










Posted 22 June 2020

Danone End Contract as of 01 July 2020

Danone have decided to exit their Soft Drinks contract at the end of this year. Despite negotiations, they’ve pulled their support from NUS. This means that their brands will not be available to order from 1st July 2020.
This affects Evian, Volvic, Volvic Touch of Fruit, Volvic Juiced and L’Mon.

Current alternatives available are:
Water - Highland Spring, Brecon Carreg, Glaceau Smartwater
Flavoured Water – Glaceau Vitamin Water, Robinson Refresh'D, Ribena Frusion
Flavoured Sparking Water – Glaceau Smartwater, Rubicon Spring
Stills – Drench, Oasis, Rubicon, Ribena

Since Danone have refused to support NUS, please ensure that you continue to buy compliantly and do not purchase these brands from elsewhere. We are hopeful that if Danone see the significant drop in volumes incurred by exiting our contract, they will retender when the next opportunity arises. 

Posted 05 May 2020

Infection Control and Protection Via UKOS

For the full details of products available on a whilst stocks last.

Orders are placed direct with UKOS 

T: 01442 288300


Posted 28 April 2020

Clothing OnLine Ordering System … NEW Opportunity Via JSW Uniwear

We are pleases to confirm a NEW opportunity for you to be able to offer clothing via an online ordering system developed by JSW Uniwear.

JSW will set up the site for you, include your Union logo, deal with orders and any queries your customer may have. You will decide on which clothing products you wish to offer and you are able to set your own RRP.

Each site will take approximately 48 hours to set up.

Invoicing will be via Central Billing.

There will be no charge to Unions to set up this facility.

To set up your site, please contact Charlotte Reynolds via

New Duty Measure: 01 April 2020

Post duty point dilution for wine and made-wine 
On 1st April the government brought in a new duty measure. This measure has been in discussion since July 2019, however suppliers have been battling against the decision for some time. Unfortunately, the government have made the decision to action this measure. This will affect all products produced after 1st April 2020.

Who is likely to be affected
This measure will affect businesses involved in the production (including bottling) of wine and made-wine products where dilution after the duty point is used, as well as retailers and consumers of such products.
For NUS members this will mean the increase in the cost price of these products from the 1st April 2020. The main supplier that this affects is Global Brands who are the producers of VK, as this is a wine-based PPS. The increase in the brands’ prices will be on average 4%, in line with their Duty increase expectations. 
We are awaiting other brands to discuss these measures but due to Covid 19 this is likely delayed. The category this increase mainly affects is Premium Packaged Spirits and we have limited brands within this category. 

General description of the measure
Currently, wine and made-wine producers can, in certain circumstances, opt to pay duty on product before it is diluted for final sale to the consumer. The dilution increases the volume of wine or made-wine for sale, but no further duty is paid on it, meaning less duty is paid on that wine or made-wine than it otherwise would be. This situation carries significant legal and revenue risk for the Exchequer and has led to distortions in the duty market.
This measure will introduce new prohibitive sanctions for anyone diluting wine or made-wine once that product has passed a duty point.

Policy objective
Post duty point dilution (PDPD), otherwise known as ‘wine dilution’, is a practice that enables wine and made-wine producers to reduce the excise duty they pay by diluting the product after duty has been paid. Because the dilution increases the volume of wine or made-wine for sale, with no additional duty being paid, less duty is paid on that wine or made-wine than otherwise would be.
UK legislation is silent on the issue and does not expressly prevent PDPD for wine and made-wine, although it is prohibited for all other alcohol products. This creates a legal and revenue risk for the Exchequer as well as distorting the market through undermining competition between those categories of alcohol products where PDPD is allowed and those where it is not, and also within categories where some producers choose not to use PDPD while others do.
Introducing new sanctions intended to prevent wine dilution will maintain the principle that duty is calculated only on finished product when released from production premises. This will ensure fairness by providing equity of treatment across the drinks industry, removing any competitive advantage.

Impact on supplier’s business 
Currently less than 20 producers are involved in the dilution of wine and made-wine. For these businesses some of their products will be liable for alcohol duty at a different stage in the production process, potentially increasing their duty liability. This may negatively impact the finances or outgoings of these businesses as well as their potential to invest in capital and labour.
We will be uploading the new prices to Trading Directory so that you are aware of the increase impact for your outlet.

If you have any questions, then please contact

Ginsters Range Update

Posted 25 March 2020

For the latest news on the Ginsters and Honest Crust ranges please download the below.


Menthol Cigarette Ban

Posted 11 March 2020
Continue to sell Menthol & Crushball cigarettes up until MIDNIGHT ON THE 19TH MAY 2020 

For the full details:

Tobacco Track and Trace

Deadline for applications 20th May 2019

Failure to register will result in stores not being able to sell tobacco and potential fines.

For the full details and to register 

Retail - important information re AF Blakemore pre press announcement and great news, an additional rebate secured!

Posted 11 January 2019 on behalf of Lynn King, Trading Support Director

Please download a copy of an internal announcement at AFB which includes detail around their year-end results – year ending April 2018.
James Russell, the MD is briefing all key partners today and expects that this will become public later on today once they issue a press release. 
If any of you require any further support and/or clarity, James is happy to take any questions or facilitate a conversation with the FD from AFB, however, the message is that the underlying business is strong and delivering well with good cash flow. The numbers have been impacted by a reported ‘exceptional’ cost as a result of divestment and closure of their cash & carry business which was not profitable.

With regards to the underlying business performing well for AFB I am delighted to be able to advise that we have secured a further 3% annual volume rebate from AFB which will be paid back to unions at the end of our (NUS) financial year provided qualifying products exceed a minimum volume threshold collectively across our purchasing consortium members (excluding tobacco), provided certain criteria is met and all invoices have been settled with AFB in accordance with the contract, any rebate payments would be made in October/November (disputes allowing) following the year end of June 30th.

The 3% annual rebate IS certainly achievable provided we retain the current level of retail members through the consortium and we are able to move the Co-op wholesale lines and Filshill (Scotland) volumes across, we are currently working with those specific unions to review what we need to do to provide confidence for them to switch to enable all our members to benefit from this additional 3% rebate. For example, Filshill were always the provider in Scotland as P&H didn’t have the logistics infrastructure, however, AFB have the ability to deliver across Scotland.

I think it is also key to be aware that we knew UEA would be moving their retail to Spar once they had received approval from NUS Services Board (AFB are part of the Spar Group) during these additional rebate negotiations, so we were able to secure a clause which takes the original threshold down by their full prior year volume which is very good news.

There is also provision to protect the future rebate for our members and for the threshold to move down further should any other consortium members move to Spar (any union moving to Spar wouldn’t receive this 3% or the current meal deal rebates, brand owner pricing etc as the deal structure would be different), that is provided the purchasing consortium member union/s have consulted with Trading support/NUS and any proposal to change has been discussed with and approved by NUS Services Board.

We do recognise that some of you are currently reviewing your retail strategy so I hope this information is helpful, it may also be helpful to be aware that the current consortium rules do not allow for members to switch out of one part of the consortium and remain for other parts IE leave for retail and remain for licensed trade, unless prior approval has been sought from NUS Services Board.

I think it is important to flag a risk for you to consider here too, as our agreed wholesale and distribution partner is AFB and this additional rebate is solely with AFB, there is a risk if a member considers a move to a different provider as this will potentially impact all members’ ability to achieve the threshold as a result of volume drift so I am hopeful by us all working together and with AFB we can deliver a retail proposition which is ‘fit for purpose’ and results in the annual rebate being achieved for our members.

Finally, we are planning to brief all retail managers & discuss plans to switch volume from the Co-op & others, currently the volume through Co-op wholesale is circa £3m, it has been reducing each year from around £6m 3 years ago as they have increased distribution costs whilst at the same time reduced pack sizes, some of our members using the Co-op (this is a historical agreement for chilled and frozen goods as at the time as  P&H couldn’t fulfil the requirements) are telling us that they are unhappy with the service and cost and are now minded to switch.
As it is mainly chilled and frozen meal categories we are talking about, we will be showcasing these products from AFB in the next few weeks to enable those unions to look at the product range, make sure they are happy with the lines and if so, we will then work to transition these categories.

Also, I think for the first time this will give our members the opportunity to review what is being purchased elsewhere to see if it is feasible to bring those lines in via AFB to help achieve the 3% rebate, the Trading Support Team are aware Retail Managers may be contacting them to discuss such lines to see if we have them/alternatives available or indeed, need to make available via this supply route to support you to achieve the threshold to trigger the additional rebate.

We will keep everyone updated regularly with the AFB volumes you are achieving to support you to achieve the thresholds for your additional 3% rebate.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate contact me direct.
Kind Regards

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Arsenal football fans spend the most money when visiting pubs to watch live sport, followed closely by Chelsea supporters, statistics from CGA's latest research has revealed.  Read more...


Poor quality food is the main reason customers leave negative reviews | 16 August 2017

More than three quarters (78.8%) of diners cited poor-quality food as the main factor, which prompted them to leave a negative review, according to a recent study.

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Top drinks trends revealed

Drinks trends to be on the look out for this year include using nuts and seeds in beverages to create healthier serves, according to research from Mintel, which also predicts an increase in product launches.  Read the full article here.

Guinness on draught goes vegan

Guinness has announced it will finally go vegan by abolishing the use of fish-derived isinglass from its production process, after revealing plans to do so two years ago.  Read the full article here.

Binge drinking speeds up heartbeat, researchers find

Drinking a large amount of alcohol in a short space of time is likely to disturb the drinker’s heartbeat, according to research conducted among more than 3,000 people.  Read the full article here.

Craft beer ‘helping’ to boost mainstream beer sales

The monumental rise in craft beer, which is claimed to be dampening the sales of some mainstream lagers, is leading more consumers into trying more world beers.  Click here for the full article.

Source: Morning Advertiser


Quality coffee is key in attracting customers

Are you getting your coffee offer right? New research by UCC Coffee UK & Ireland has highlighted a significant opportunity for pubs to increase trade through an improved coffee offer. 

The report by Allegra World Coffee Portal reveals that 44% of consumers say they would be put off returning to a pub that serves poor quality coffee. Conversely 41% would buy more coffee more often in pubs if the quality was better. 

Phil Smith, head of category & insight, UCC Coffee UK & Ireland comments: “Lots of pub operators are doing coffee well but there’s still significant room for improvement across the market. The results from our research clearly show that consumers are willing to drink more coffee in pubs and bars – in turn, operators must be willing to give coffee the same attention as they do their alcohol or food offers.”  Download the full report here.

Source: The Morning Advertiser. Published 28 February 2017