Covid - 19: Return to Trade

This page will be updated as new information comes in from suppliers.

Please direct any questions you may have to

Licensed Trade Re-opening Plans

Please tell us when you plan to re-pen your outlets and also a few more details about your plans

Licensed Trade Meal Deal

To further support products in the Licensed Trade Calendar we have negotiated additional funding for sites to maximise sales and proftability from key lines this year.

How it works:
1. Choose a Brewer - choose from either Molson Coors, Budweiser Brewing Group or Diageo
2. Choose whether you want to offer a draught or a packaged deal.
3. Select 3 products from your chosen brewer that will be part of the deal for customers.
4  Tell us the deal that you want to offer - is it a packaged sharer deal or is it a Beer and a Food Main deal?
5. Tell us how many deals you are forecasting for and what the margin contribution requirement is per deal.
6. We will confirm the funding back to you within 7 days,

You can only choose 1 brewer deal per outlet but you can apply for more than one outlet and run different brewer deals in different outlets.

You can also include Carling Black Fruits on any Molson Coors deal.



For the full details of products available on a whilst stocks last.

Orders are placed direct with UKOS 

T: 01442 288300



For the full details of products available

Additional products added 21July 2020


For the full details of products available

A F Blakemore

For the full details of products available

The Retailer Group

•    21 inch hand sanitiser £795 plus vat includes the first 12 months license (£120 per year) 
               with launch content training and support . 
•    32 inch £995 plus vat includes the first 12 months license (£120 per year) 
               with launch content training and support . 

Installation service if required and not included (most places will plug and play).

For the full details of digital signage available

Albert Harrison

For the full details of products available (revised 27 July 2020)

T Print

Fair Trade Clothing Face Masks


Safe To Trade Scheme

Ensuring your customers feel confident that you have their safety needs covered off will be key to a successful return.

Being able to verify that your protocols and practices have been independently verified and are classed as Covid safe is a greatly valuable message to communicate to your students via your social media, website, menus, emails etc.

Shield Safety Group operate the safe to trade scheme and we have secured a 10% discount on this accreditation for members. As part of the process is an e-learning course and these courses are already available to users of the CPL central console, there is a further 10% discount available to those members.

Please contact if you would like more information.


A F Blakemore

Posted 03 September 2020

AFB have provided guidance on Keeping Your Store COVID-19 Secure and Outbreak Management.

Posted 16 June 2020


Posted 27 May 2020

Q: The risk assessment of drivers delivering to the store, and if there are any Covid-19 measures they have in place? 

A: Drivers have extra measures that they are following, such as:
•    Drivers are abiding by social distancing rules with staff and customers of each business when bringing cages into the store
•    Drivers are not asking customers to sign the PDA's or run sheets, drivers are asking the staff member for their name and printing this as proof of delivery
•    Checking security items - drivers are remaining on site whilst staff check off the security items but will abide by the social distancing rules
Drivers have been briefed that they must be abiding by the social distancing rules at all times. 
Q: Still have access to normal delivery times? Any degree of flexibility in delivery times, to allow for safe delivery and minimise contact with delivery driver and our customers? Possibility of delivering before we open? 

A: Current delivery schedules are still been adhered to. If opening hours have changed AFB can update this on their system to prevent delivering when nobody is present to receive the delivery. Unfortunately AFB cannot guarantee that they can deliver before sites open.
Q: Any chance of minimum order values/quantities reduced for delivery T&Cs to be in line with our forecast  of a tentative / slow trading months ahead.

A: To be confirmed by  AFB.
Q: Stock availability running as normal? 

A: AFB have had supply challenges on certain grocery lines but the majority are now back to full supply. The main area for challenge currently is Beers and Ciders, in particular, Multipacks. AFB are in conversations daily with suppliers to maximise their availability. 


To be confirmed


Posted 02 June 2020

The Co-op Social Distencing Guide for Deliveries All Depots

Stock Availabilty: please email if you would like the daily reports emailing to you.

Stores that ceased trading: please contact as soon as you know your re-opening dates so we can contact the logistics team at the Co-op to reinstate your delivery schedule.


Starbucks have provided POS to help outlets when they re-open

JSW Uniwear

Clothing OnLine Ordering System … NEW Opportunity Via JSW Uniwear

We are pleases to confirm a NEW opportunity for you to be able to offer clothing via an online ordering system developed by JSW Uniwear.

JSW will set up the site for you, include your Union logo, deal with orders and any queries your customer may have. You will decide on which clothing products you wish to offer and you are able to set your own RRP.

Each site will take approximately 48 hours to set up.

Invoicing will be via Central Billing.

There will be no charge to Unions to set up this facility.

To set up your site, please contact Charlotte Reynolds via