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Key Brexit Planning Information

Update Plans By Supplier

Posted 15 October 2019

Additional statement by The Co-op

Brexit Readiness - NCVO guidance 

Posted 17 September 2019

As you are aware NUS pays a central membership fee with NCVO which provides valuable resources to support  you, our members.

They are producing some valuable information with regards to Brexit and a possible no-deal scenario, below you will find useful information:


Grants available to help you prepare your members for a possible no-deal
Application deadline 30 September

A £10M fund has been announced for ‘business support’ organisations to create resources to help their members prepare for a no-deal Brexit. The Office for Civil Society has confirmed that civil society organisations are eligible. We think this is a great opportunity for local infrastructure organisations.
If you decide to apply, we wanted to let you know that we have created some resources that you might want to use if you access this funding:

£10m fund for ‘business support’

Blog post – Charities and Brexit (preparation is the key)

New NCVO guidance on no-deal Brexit

NCVO webinar


January 2019


  • Posted 09 September 2019 communicated via Jisc and Workplace

Please find attached the jiscmail sent out earlier this year with regards to Brexit planning.

We are currently collating updated information from our suppliers which we will share once it has been completed.

I would ask members to share their own Brexit planning and insights with us which we could then add to our own, we haven’t received any as yet so if you do have plans please do share.


Best Regards



  • Communicated 29 January 2019 Via Jisc and Workplace

Hi Everyone (This communication will also go out on Workplace for all relevant groups)


We promised to provide you with some information with regards to the consortium suppliers’ planning for Brexit by the end of January, please find it attached, we will update this for you as and when information from our suppliers changes and/or is updated.

Alison Inch has included a power point presentation which is full of useful advice and may be helpful to share with your teams, trustees and university where applicable, I know some of you have asked for information to share with others and supporting information to include in your risk register.


If you think we have missed anything or you have your own robust plans we could learn from and share with others then please let us know.

With our partners we can contingency plan for ‘if’ ‘but’ & ‘maybe’ scenarios however, it is not all within our gift so it is essential that you continue to look out for updates from ourselves and others and share any useful insights you get too.

Please don’t ass

ume that if you receive some useful information from a supplier contact that we will have received it too, that way, together, we should be best placed to deal with any challenges which come our way!



Good luck to us all!!


Best Regards




Trading Support Director