International Students' Awards 2018: Results announced

This year, we received a wide range of strong submissions for our third annual NUS International Students’ Awards. Read below for the results!

We are delighted to announce the winners of NUS International Students’ Awards 2018! These awards were created in order to recognise and celebrate some of the amazing work that international students do. The competition was tough, and our judges, Dominic Scott (UKCISA) and Daniel Stevens (Knowledge Quarter), had their work cut out for them! Keep reading for this year’s lucky recipients.

International Student of the Year

This category looks at the international student who has gone over and above expectations and been an inspiration to others, making an impact on their local student body or local community.


Charu Dada

Over their time at university, Charu dedicated themselves to creating a better life for international students on campus. They have dedicated their spare time to airport pickups, welcome weeks and campus tours.  Charu also spends a large portion of time volunteering for environmental action, working to celebrate Welsh culture and also making asylum seeking and refugee students welcome.


Lord Apetsi

Lord has worked tirelessly with others to highlight the situation of refugee and asylum-seeking students, and has gone over and beyond in raising awareness on these issues at hand.

International Student Officer of the Year

This award is aimed at student officers in an elected union position with responsibility for international students, or a full-time officer who is an international student themselves. They will have contributed above and beyond normal expectations for their role to improve the lives of students and improve the students’ union.


Riddi Viswanathan

Riddi is an inspiring leader who has harnessed the power of networking to more fully integrate international students into campus life. They lead by example, and encourage everyone to make the most of their potential. Riddi’s tireless work has resulted in the creation of the first full time officer for international students in their students’ union.

Santhana Gopalakrishnan

Santhana has been a strong advocate for international students. They have campaigned successfully for a reduction in tuition fees, and helped to ensure that international students are fully involved in the campaign work of the students’ union.


Ian Wong

Ian has gone the extra mile and led by example. He has worked on making sure that all students’ union events are inclusive, negotiated for the university to establish an effective rent guarantor scheme and stood alongside students in fighting bigotry and xenophobia.

Internationalised Students’ Union of the Year

This award is given to students’ unions who can evidence effective engagement, support and representation for international students. The winning SU in this category should encourage opportunities for integration between home and international students and incorporate a global perspective in all areas of students’ union activity.


Coventry University Students’ Union

CUSU impressed the judges with its commitment to international students in all areas of political inclusion, welfare and integration. They have brought students together through a One World Week, successfully lobbied for emergency funds for international students dealing with unforeseen circumstances, and have proved to be an exemplar of working in partnership with the university.


University of Sheffield Students’ Union

Co-founding Students’ Union of #WeAreInternational, Sheffield SU has made it a priority to make international students feel welcome, and has increased access to immigration and personal advice.

International Students’ Campaign of the Year

This award is given for campaigns that can demonstrate creativity, clear objectives, levels of engagement and above all the focus on making a real change to students’ lives.


Expanding Internationalisation at Brunel University

This campaign showed a persistent commitment to representing under-represented groups. It also successfully fought for more resources, and set clear engagement targets involving at least 900 students in a highly successful South Asian Cultural Week.


Piece of Me – Coventry University Students’ Union

CUSU ran a collaborative campaign in partnership with their university that encouraged international students to involve themselves fully in the life of the campus.


It is deeply inspiring to see the amazing achievements of international students over the last 12 months. Many congratulations to all nominees and winners!