Bursaries for NUS International Students’ Conference

We’re pleased to announce that, for the second year, we will be providing bursaries to increase the number of students’ unions sending delegates to the conference, by supporting those unions who struggle financially to send delegates to democratic conferences. We especially welcome applications from FE and specialist institutions.

The bursary applies to NUS International Students’ Conference 2017.

It will cover the cost of sending voting delegates to the conference. We are offering bursaries to cover the cost of delegate fees and transport fees. Please identify which costs you require assistance with.

If you are awarded a bursary to cover travel costs the following conditions will apply:

  • For the travel of the delegate (s) to be covered, it must be booked through the NUS travel booking system.
  • NUS will book the mode of transport no later than 2 weeks before the conference and therefore the students’ union/delegate (s) must provide the travel and passenger details in good time.
  • If the relevant details aren’t provided to NUS then the students’ union must pay for the transport.
  • It is the responsibility of the delegates to ensure they have the right train ticket code from NUS before they travel.
  • NUS will not reimburse travel costs of delegates who have missed the pre-booked the transport.
  • We will only book transport once delegates have been registered for the conference. Delegates who have failed to register will be responsible for covering the cost of their transport.

Please note that delegates must already be registered for International Students’ Conference before you can apply for this bursary. Please make sure to select the ‘I have applied for a bursary’ option on the registration page. We will be in contact once we have reviewed your application. Please note that you are not guaranteed to be awarded a bursary upon submitting an application or in some cases, we may offer partial bursaries when full bursaries have been applied for.

If you have any questions, please send them to