Putting the LGBT into FE

This pack includes ideas, research and tips for students, officers and staff on LGBT issues in FE.
Putting lgbt into fe
Wednesday 02 September 2015, 14:53

This pack includes ideas, hints and tips for students and student officers who want to start their own LGBT+ group, and suggests ways to move forward once this has been achieved.

It will also be useful to staff in students’ unions or student services who want to support LGBT+ students to set up groups. We specifically deal with the problems that FE students face which are unique to the sector, such as a lack of funding and the legacy of Section 28.

It includes research and information about homophobia and transphobia in FE, and case studies describing how different colleges have gone about setting up groups, including information about difficulties they have encountered and how they got over them.

We also talk about why LGBT+ groups are important and provide information you can use to argue your case with college authorities if necessary.



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