Building a trans-inclusive movement

This is a guide on how to make your LGBT+ society, students' union and institution become more trans inclusive.
Trans students guide
Wednesday 02 September 2015, 16:36

Welcome to your guide to ensuring that your LGBT+ student group, students' union and your institution become trans-inclusive! LGBT+ societies exist in students unions all over the UK, and many of these have explicitly become transinclusive in recent years.

Although there are many commonalities between different members of the LGBT+ community, trans students have specific needs which are different from those of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) students.

At NUS LGBT+ we frequently receive emails from trans students telling us about the horrendous discrimination they face in further and higher education. It’s clear that trans inclusion needs to go further than nominal inclusion of trans students alongside LGB students in LGBT+ societies. NUS LGBT+ believes that trans identities should be acknowledged, respected and celebrated in all aspects of student life.



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