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Excellent careers information, advice and guidance are integral to helping young people achieve their ambitions.
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Wednesday 07 January 2015, 11:02

The National Union of Students (NUS), Trades Union Congress (TUC) and Unison launched a manifesto calling for better careers information advice and guidance at a parliamentary reception on 7 January.

Excellent careers information, advice and guidance are integral to helping young people achieve their ambitions and enabling businesses to recruit highly skilled and motivated workforces.

A generation of young people have already been let down by patchy careers provision, left to navigate the world of qualifications, providers, further study and work, alone or with minimal support. Those already in work or adults looking for work can access online or precious limited face to face support with help with CV writing and interview skills. 

This varies greatly depending on where the careers information, advice and guidance is being delivered.Young people should be able to make informed choices before embarking on life changing pathways, which is why the TUC, Unison and NUS are calling for:

  • A universal careers service delivering impartial information, advice and guidance for all students and workers, regardless of age
  • A properly resourced careers service, with a stable funding system
  • A service staffed and delivered by qualified careers professionals with the necessary expertise to provide young people with information about a range of different options
  • Face to face support and guidance for young people.  Whilst online support is a useful tool, young people value and prefer face to face interactions as a method for fully exploring a wide range of future career possibilities
  • A service which helps the individual develop the skills they need to succeed as well as addressing the needs of the labour market
  • A service which is in tune with local, national and global careers opportunities, delivered in part by developing meaningful relationships with employers and local providers
  • The statutory duty for schools to provide careers education to be reinstated.
  • National best practice for developing learners’ next steps should be included within this to stop the bias of academic routes.
  • An enhanced role for the NCS making sure that young people are aware of the service and have access to it
  • Local authorities still retain the duty to provide advice and guidance and funding should be made available for them to discharge this.  Early intervention prevents NEETs and widens horizons for young people

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