Part A verification is done on-demand, when unions are ready. It helps ensure you're meeting minimum standards for organisational health, including your statutory obligations. Part A verification is undertaken by NUS, on demand. 


Part B verification provides unions with an independent, external peer review of their practice. This can be valuable to add authenticity to your self-assessment, build confidence in your work, get an external viewpoint, and gain valuable recommendations for next steps.  NUS facitilate a verification process for Part B once a year - so there's one opportunity each year for unions who want to be verified, to be verified. No verifications will take place outside of this timeframe. This enables easier planning, maximises the opportunity for peer support and creates efficiencies which ensure a consistent, high quality approach to verification.


Verifiers are volunteers, giving their time to enhance the individual and collective capacity of students’ unions whilst also developing their own expertise and skills. If you’re interested in becoming a verifier, visit this page.


Unions seeking Part B verification are charged a fee to cover the costs of verification training, travel and expenses. NUS does not generate a surplus from this fee - it's simply to cover costs. One the annual expression of interest deadline has passed and we know how many verifications will be taking place, we’ll confirm the verification fee. 


Key dates for Part B submissions and verifications

Generally expressions of interest will be collected in the spring, for autumn verifications. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2020/21 is slightly different. NUS is now taking expressions of interest for verification in March - May 2021.


You can express an interest in being verified against Part B of the QSU framework using the form here.