How to submit part A

If your union is looking to get verification of Part A, to ensure you’re meeting minimum standards for organisational good health including your statutory obligations, please follow the steps below. Remember, it's not mandatory to seek verification whilst using the QSU framework but many unions find it useful. 

  1. Email letting NUS know you’re ready for Part A verification.
  2. NUS will send you a link containing folders for each theme within the framework’s part A.
  3. When you are ready to submit, put your supporting evidence in the relevant folders and let NUS know.
  4. NUS will check your submission and provide feedback within 5 working days. If for any reason we anticipate it taking longer, we'll of course let you know.
  5. If you’re union is compliant, NUS will send confirmation of this to you, letting you know. You'll then be eligible to proceed to Part B verification should you wish.
  6. If you've not met the requirements for Part A verification, NUS will get in touch to find alternative evidence or discuss next steps.