Self Assessment Framework

Governance covers all elements of decision making in an organisation; outlining who has what powers, how those powers are given and how they are removed. In students’ unions, these can be complex arrangements on a practical level, but the Good Governance Code is designed to be applicable to all levels of governance and provides a set of principles against which all processes and structures can be measured. It is hope to be an ever-evolving support mechanism and should you have any comments about areas in either principle or practice, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Good Governance toolkit has recently been updated to reflect the latest thinking in the voluntary sector and is now live to use. This framework has been sector supported since its inception in 2011, when it was first developed in conjunction with HEFCE. Good governance thinking is reflected through guides available from the Charity Commission and NCVO and has been developed with students’ unions to ensure that it is relevant and appropriate in its language and reach. You can access the Good Governance Toolkit here.

Its recently updated form is a “shortcut” to the Governance criteria of Part B of Quality Students’ Unions and completion at the various levels will exempt a students’ union from having to additionally complete the QSU self-assessment. Assistance with the completion of the Good Governance self-assessment toolkit is available through the Strategic Support Team at NUS, or unions are free to complete it on their own and at their own pace.

The process should be self-explanatory, but should you need more information, please do contact for assistance.