Becoming a volunteer verifier

We’re creating a community of people across our movement committed to organisational improvement in students' unions. SUs come in all shapes and sizes, with unique opportunities and overcome challenges in different ways. No one approach will suit all, which it what makes the organisational development field in SUs so interesting.


We welcome volunteers from across the movement to become QSU verifiers. Being a verifier is a great way of giving back to the movement whilst also enhancing your own understanding of our sector, building your network and developing and honing your skillset. It’s a fairly unique development opportunity, allowing you to enhance your understanding and expertise in organisational development and strategic quality improvement. In return for your committment, we offer a free organisational development training, the opportunity to verify with others and support and coaching from the union developmetn team throughout your journey. This is ideal for developing your understanding of our movement, experience of working at a senior level, building credibility and taking a strategic, quality-focused approach. 


Verifiers will receive full training alongside their peers. This will cover:

  • Advanced understanding of the QSU framework
  • How to read and reviewing self-assessments
  • The process for arranging a verification
  • How to delivering a high-quality verification, developing your analytical skills
  • Report writing
  • How to craft strong recommendations
  • Moderating reports

Travel and expenses (assuming it’s a face-to-face verification, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic we’ve translated verification online) will be covered but the time given to being a verifier is on a volunteer basis – it’s a great way to ‘give back’ to the movement.


Being a verifier undertaking one verification will take approximately 5 days:

  • 1 day training (or an online refresher course for returning verifiers)
  • 1 day reading and preparing for the verification
  • 1 day speaking to union representatives and students to undertake your verification (plus travel which could involve an overnight stay depending on locations)
  • Up to 2 days to prepare the report and attend the group report writing and moderation meeting

If you’re interested in sharing best practice, learning about the work of other unions and would like the opportunity to apply your own knowledge and skills to help develop other unions then being a volunteer verifier could be an interesting opportunity for you.


Timescales for the verifier training and verification cycle for 2021 will be published soon. Application is open to talented current or ex-students’ union staff, managers and trustees who are looking to improve students’ unions.


The application pack can be viewed and downloaded here and if you're interested, please complete the form here