About QSU


"It's the only SU specific quality model."

It’s a quality framework – outlining what good practice in students’ unions looks like across a number of themes covering their governance, leadership and management, their activities and their outcomes. It interlocks with, and complements, relevant standards and codes that also exist within the student movement and the charities sector such as the SU good governance code, Green Impact and Investors in People. 


Part A is a framework to help unions ensure they’re compliant with their statutory obligations. Part B is a framework to help unions work to best practice – recognising where they are and helping them see how they can improve. Students’ unions using the framework can gain accreditation – getting verified to demonstrate their performance and enabling them to use the Quality Students’ Union branding.


Quality Students’ Unions was developed by NUS in 2013 in partnership with HEFCE and NUS member unions and has been delivered in a variety of different ways since its inception. Historically you’ve had to be ‘in the QSU programme’ to access the framework and resources, but this has now changed. We’ve made the framework open source, as we want all of our members to be able to use it, in a way that works for them. We also want others from across the education sector to be able to see the full potential of SUs


In September 2020 we hosted a members' briefing outlining the new framework and its uses. You can find a recording of this briefing below: