Project 100 was the consultation process behind the final strategy of NUS100. Working with stakeholders across the movement,  and we urge you to get involved in the process of shaping NUS so it works for the full breadth of our membership. We are deeply committed in this process to hearing from the full breadth of our membership across NUSUK, NUS Wales, NUS-USI and NUS Scotland.

This process will only be proved successful if NUS at 100 is relevant to, and valued by, students' unions and students. It must also support you, students’ unions, in being relevant to, and valued by, your students, institutions and wider society.

  • October 2015 to January 2016 assessed lur current position
  • From February to April 2016 we built proposals - the goals, outcomes and ideas, and looked at priorities and resourcing 
  • From May to July 2016 we will be finalised the plans and launched the final strategy

The key consultation events included, but is not limited to, the below:

  • Series of webinars with membership
  • All NUS boards: NUS Charity, NUS Services and NUS UK
  • Consultation across NUS Group staff
  • Engaging with other similar national organisations about how to best meet the needs of the membership as part of the New Citizenship Project
  • SU Local events UK
  • Consultations with staff from NUS-USI, NUS Wales and NUS Scotland
  • Consultations with all 19 full-time NUS officers
  • National Executive Committee
  • Consultations with other national student organisations
  • Learner Voice Practitioner meeting
  • Policy Development Convention
  • SU Local events across the Nations
  • National Society of Apprentices
  • National Project100 Festival
  • Race Matters Summit
  • NUSUK National Conference
  • Strategic Conversation - discussing concrete proposals and membership contribution

We weren't starting from blank sheet paper; insight had been gathered from a range of research pieces with member students’ unions, including: the annual membership perceptions survey, the last strategy planning process, our SU34 work, ongoing commitments to consider from ‘Surfing the Wave’ and clear recommendations that came out of the New Settlement report.

The consultation process drew on all this previous work, as well as fresh consultation across our stakeholders. The process was designed in the spirit of putting SUs at the heart of NUS and co-creating a bold new strategy.

The aim was to establish inspiring goals that are relevant for the movement and clearly set out the role of NUS and students' unions within it, leaving scope and freedom for you to take action at a local level.


Key outputs of this process were:

  • The publication of first phase scoping report ahead of national event (January) including our vision for inclusive decision making with reference to the Quality Framework to be taken to National Conference 2016 as part of the Trustee Report (April). The scoping report ensures the movement is entering phase two from a position of shared understanding and transparency about our current position
  • The launch of the new NUS Strategy at our SUs 2016 event (July).


What happened at the first NUS100 Advisory Group meeting?