NUS100 was officially launched by Simon Blake at SUs 2016, marking the transition to implementing the strategy within the movement. For NUS, this means aligning the organisation, which broadly falls into three stages: impact principles, programme design, and implementation design.

To ensure NUS100 is successful and truly reflected within the movement, time must be given to establishing the direction of travel, which is completed between July 2016 and December 2016:

Stage 1 - Impact principles

w/c 25 July: Launch with HODs survey, call for programme groups and NUS100 advisory group
w/c 1 August: Impact metric design process, liase with governance project to ensure fit across all areas
w/c 8 August: Construct programme groups and NUS100 advisory group
w/c 15 August: Agree metric design process, agree stop-start-continue decision making process for stage 2
w/c 21 August: Programme groups meet, update to executive team meeting, board report on vision for NUS100 implementation
w/c 29 August: Draft impact metrics shared with HODs, who are asked to feed back on impact metrics

Stage 2 - Programme design

w/c 5 September: Entity board report on vision for NUS100 implementation
w/c 12 September: Written exercise for programme groups to consider HODs feedback on impact metrics. Groups to self-govern if they want to meet to discuss changes
w/c 3 October: Programme groups to create draft programme plans

Stage 3 - Implementation design

5 October: All-staff away day to discuss programme plans
6 October: leadership network day, discuss draft programme plans and balance between them, and design implementation including planning (financial and operational)
w/c 10 October: NUS100 advisory group to meet and agree balance of resources and reporting lines between programme groups and entity boards
w/c 17 October: Programme groups to meet to discuss implementation of final programme plan
w/c 24 October: Development of implementation tools including finance. Population of implementation tools as part of 18m planning
w/c 7 November: Begin planning strategic conversation and board updates
w/c 29 November: board approval of approach to Strategic Conversation
15 December: Strategic Conversation
Launch of baseline monitoring and evaluation

For information on who will be undertaking this work, please take a look at our Advisory Group section.