NUS Wales

Wales National Executive Committee

Fflur Elin President
Carmen Smith Deputy President
Ellen Jones Women's officer
Jasper Williams LGBT Officer+
Hannah Stewart LGBT+ Officer (Womens)
Piers Wilkinson Students With Disabilities Officer
Ifran James Welsh Language Officer
Akosua Darko Black Students Officer
Adam Smith Block of 7 (FE Place)
Ruth Davage 2nd Place NEC

LGBT Students’ Campaign Committee

Jasper Williams LGBT+ Officer
Hannah Stewart LGBT+ Officer (Womens)
Sarah Lynn LGBT+ Steering Officer
Alexander Grant Trans* Rep
Austen Wright FE Rep
Daisy Welham Bi Rep
Carl Tubbs Open Place

Women Students’ Campaign Committee

Ellen Jones Womens Officer
Alexa Higgins Womens Steering Officer
Hayley Thomas Womens Committee (FE)
Gweneth Sweatman Womens Committee
Whitney Brown  Womens Committee
Rebecca Kent Womens Committee

Students with Disabilities Committee

Piers Wilkinson Students with Disabilities Officer
Stephen Marshall Students with Disabities Steering officer
Samuel Pritchard SWD Committee - Open Place
Rhiannon Llewellyn SWD Committee - FE Place

Black Students’ Campaign Committee

Akosua Darko Black Students Officer
Hyelni Mshelia Black Students Steering Officer
Shanice Mabussi Black Students Committee - Womens Place

Welsh Language Committee

Ifan James Welsh Language Officer
Rhun Dafydd Welsh Language Steering Officer
Branwen Glyn Welsh Language Committee - Womens Place
Osain Wyn Morgan Welsh Language Committee
Liam Evans Welsh Language Committee