NUS Wales President Rob Simkins

What’s your name?
Rob Simkins

What’s your position?
NUS Wales President 

Where are you from?
I grew up in Wolverhampton but now I live in Cardiff.

What’s your education background?
I'm a graduate of University of Wales Trinity Saint David in Carmarthen, west Wales, with a BA in Outdoor Adventure Education. Prior to that I was an apprentice studying Business and Administration.

Why is education important to you?
I believe education is the most powerful force for good. Personally, it's been a transformational experience and I want to do my best to help others benefit from the same sort of opportunities.

What’s your single biggest goal as president?

There’s a lot going on right now in the Welsh education sector, but perhaps my biggest aim is to continue the good work NUS Wales has been doing in and around student health and well-being. I want to focus on assisting students and students’ unions in co-creating solutions to the problems this poses to the sector

Why do you love students’ unions?

Students’ unions do so much with so little. Whether it’s campaigning against period poverty, ensuring that student voice is heard at every level or helping individuals at times of crisis, SUs are there for you. That’s why I’ll always love SUs!

What’s your big aim in life?
My biggest aim in life is to make a positive difference for those who will follow me and leave the world a better place than it was left for our generation – no matter how big or small the change.