You will elect the President and Deputy President of NUS Wales at Conference. They will start their terms of office on 1 July 2018, and be employed for one year on a full-time basis to lead the movement.

You will also elect a number of voluntary, part-time positions: 4 members of NUS Wales National Executive Committee, the NUS Wales Democratic Procedures Committee, and the NUS Wales 2nd Place member on NUS UK National Executive Council.

Any current student, sabbatical officer, or NUS Wales officer can run for these positions.

Elections which will be held at NUS Wales Conference 2018 are listed below. For every position, we have summarised the role and responsibilities so that you are clear on what is expected of the successful candidate.

Full-time roles

NUS Wales employs three full-time elected officers: the President, Deputy President and Women’s Officer. Only the President and Deputy President are elected at NUS Wales Conference. The Women’s Officer is elected by self-defining women students at the NUS Wales Women’s Conference.

Role Profile: President


- Gwyneth Sweatman

- Re-open Nominations

Manifestos and Nominations

Role Profile: Deputy President


- Travis Davies

- Jake Smith - WITHDRAWN

- Alexander Rollason

- Re-open Nominations

Manifestos and Nominations

Volunteer roles

NUS Wales National Executive Committee

A ‘block of seven’ are elected to represent students and scrutinise the President and Deputy President. In the autumn at Zone Conference, three executive officers are elected. In the Spring Conference, four executive officers are elected: a woman’s place, a further education place and two open places.

Role profile

NUS Wales Democratic Procedures Committee

NUS Wales Democratic Procedures Committee is the group of students who oversee the running of democratic events. While the Returning Officer is the final arbiter in election matters, the Committee facilitates debates and handles any complaints on democratic procedures.

Role profile

NUS Wales 2nd place member on NUS UK National Executive Council

The NEC 2nd Place is Wales’ second representative on the national leadership council for NUS on a UK level. This person, along with the NUS Wales President, represents students and scrutinises the work of leadership at the UK level of the National Union of Students.

Role profile